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Mr Tantalan

Welcome to the web of music composer Mr Tantalan. There is my music production, which I am constantly working on. I am composing in FL Studio 8. I also used to compose music in Fast Tracker long time ago.

My music is sorted by date of release. You can listen to it in the player - just click on it. For successfuly working music player you need to have Flash player installed. If it doesn't work, just visit my bandzone pages -

I used to compose music for 24 years - i began at the age of 14 and since that time i am developing my composing techniques. My qualities emphasis the title "Mr" (Master), that i honorable give in front of my artist nickname. I have obtained this title from organization of world music production as a honor for my work in composing music and my outstanding contribution in invention and developing of new composing techniques.

!!! Caution! All presented songs are composed because of the feeling which they represent to the listener. All spoken "words","text", or synthesized sounds that reminds "words" to you are ment to emphasis that feeling, they don't have any real meaning. I have noticed that some musical compositions on the internet use samples and synthesised sounds, that very lightly and barely remind spoken words, which can insult the listener. If you hear something similar here on this web, it is caused by the samples I use, and it is not my intention !!!


Electronic no.3 - 16.8.2019
Classics no.9 e-moll - 4.5.2019
Classics no.8 c-moll - 8.4.2019
Classics no.6 d-moll - 19.2.2019
Fuga no.5 d-moll - 12.1.2019
Synthesia - 2.12.2018
Preludium no.3 a-dur - 28.9.2018
Preludium no.8 c-moll - 16.8.2018
Dream dance - 31.7.2018
Agile bass - 4.7.2018
Preludium no.6 a-dur - 18.5.2018
Parny den - 9.5.2018
Preludium no.5 f-moll - 3.5.2018
Fuga no.2 - d-minor - 12.4.2018
Fuga no.1 - c-moll - 14.1.2017
Preludium g-moll - 8.5.2016
Dark synth - 12.4.2016
Return - 12.2.2015
Preludium d-moll - 09.12.2014
Los robotos - 13.5.2009
Far Behind - 23.4.2009
Electric voice